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Welcome to the world and work of David Griffin & Company Realtors. Founded in 1982, the company is known for the distinctive and innovative way it approaches the Dallas residential real estate market and for the outstanding results it achieves for its clients.
Company founder and president David Griffin says, “As a native Dallasite, I am always on the search to explore and know everything that is best and most stimulating about the city. What are the best neighborhoods, where are the coolest mid-century houses, which shops and restaurants are currently the best experiences?

“I grew up in what many consider to be one of the best neighborhoods Dallas has to offer, University Park. I attended all 12 grades in the Highland Park Independent School District. I studied English literature and hold a BA from Southern Methodist University. I did graduate work at the University of Texas in Dallas.

“When I was a kid, downtown Dallas was a vibrant place. By the time I was a young teenager, I was taking the bus downtown to go to the movies, bookstores, library and the record stores — my particular interests. I grew to love the bustle of downtown. All the things I loved the most were on a route I could walk on a Saturday. I also grew to appreciate the languor of the long Dallas summer, taking care of the yard, and the hominess of our 1920's Tudor that my parents had bought and remodeled in 1958. But the city and all that is urban was, if I am honest with myself today, what resonated most with me.

“I think I must have always loved looking at real estate. Maybe that is because my mother spent so long, when I was very young, house-hunting. I still remember a half a century later some of the houses we saw and what made an impression on me. I particularly liked buttons in the dining room floor where you could buzz the kitchen. Air conditioning units also held a fascination for me. Some were built into furniture and took up the whole end of a room — very fancy!

“After all these (and many more!) childhood experiences and school and college and part-time jobs, I found myself, courtesy of an aunt who loved to travel, able to go to Europe and backpack my way across Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland and Great Britain. Almost every day on the four-month journey, I thought about what to do next with my life. Do I go back to school and try and put my love of literature to some kind of remunerative use, or do I go into business? And what kind of career could I pursue with the education I had? The more I traveled, the more it dawned on me that what I probably enjoyed the most was getting to know people. I was meeting so many fellow student travelers, and after having gone to 12 years of school with basically the same kids, it was very expanding to meet and trade experiences with people from all over the world. A plan began to form in my mind that if I pursued real estate (and I thought from the very beginning residential real estate), that it would afford me the opportunities to meet all kinds of new people and yet remain near my family in my hometown.

“I started by selling homes in the Park Cities. My first two sales were in Highland Park — one on Armstrong and one on Westway. With that, I was quickly on my way. The business was a very good fit for me. I loved houses, and I loved courting people for their business. I was very green. When I did not know an answer, which was often, my natural response was to turn red. By 1980, my third year in the business, I was the number one agent in the Henry S. Miller office in Highland Park Village. By 1982 I was ready at the age of 29 to jump out on my own. Dallas was booming, and the sky was the limit. David Griffin & Company did amazingly well its first few years, growing to a company of about 20 agents. However, the economy crashed in 1985, and a few years later I remember questioning how I had ever gotten into such a God-forsaken business.

“Things did slowly get better in the late 80's, and we began branching out into the Lakewood and Oak Lawn neighborhoods. At one time or another I made each of these areas my home as I fell in love with White Rock Lake and the marvelous Spanish influenced homes in Lakewood, and then with the modern Oglesby-designed townhomes in Oak Lawn. By the mid 90's, after a decade or so of very slow growth in the marketplace, we started working with developers who saw the opportunity to redevelop the Oak Lawn/Turtle Creek neighborhood (or Uptown as it would later be named). In-town Dallas was beginning to change, and we were all over it representing buyers and sellers on all kinds of new townhome and condominium product. Our company, beginning in the mid 90's, started to see its production level and agent sponsorship begin to grow by leaps and bounds.

“From 1996 to 2007, we have seen the sales volume of the business increase 500%. The company has grown its business in a number of strategic ways. It has been the go-to company for developers on ‘in fill’ townhome and condominium product in Oak Lawn, Uptown, Turtle Creek, Old East Dallas and now in the Arts District downtown, North Oak Cliff and Victory Park. Whether it’s the Arts District's One Arts Plaza, Victory's The House, Southside's The Beat, the Cedars' Buzz, Kessler's Kessler Woods or East Dallas's Thirty Thirty Bryan, to name a few of the most innovative, David Griffin & Company has handled the marketing and brokerage.

“The company has continued to market new and to resell single-family homes in Dallas's coolest and most sought-after in-town neighborhoods. Our distinctive (and award-winning) signs with their black and teal color scheme pepper these neighborhoods. Our clients know that when they are looking to buy or sell in these neighborhoods, the most distinctive options are often in the David Griffin & Company inventory. We understand design and are the first choice Realtor when aesthetics and superb and caring service are important to a client.

“The agents at David Griffin & Company are one of the finest sales forces in the business. Our agents are carefully trained and educated not only about the neighborhoods and superb service, but also on contract negotiation and marketing. David Griffin & Company puts all agents new to the business through an extensive apprentice program. Experienced agents, more and more over the past few years, have joined the David Griffin & Company residential brokerage team because of greater perceived opportunity and innovative leadership that enables agents to grow their business in a proactive manner.”


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