"Of all the assets our company has to offer, none surpass the sheer talent possessed by our group of agents."

David Griffin & Company Realtors is proud to work with many of the very best Realtors in all of Texas. As founder of David Griffin & Company Realtors, Mr. Griffin has translated his early curiosity and his personable nature into a 35 plus year career in residential real estate. Since founding David Griffin & Company Realtors in 1982, David has directed the sale of over $2 billion in residential real estate. His company has established itself as the leading broker in marketing intown developments and has focused on the redevelopment of the close-in neighborhoods of the city. The firm, along with parent company Virginia Cook, Realtors, is one of the few remaining locally owned residential real estate companies in Dallas and is known for marketing many of Dallas' most architecturally significant homes.


David Griffin & Company Realtors

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