Shelby Starr

I spent my early years in Houston but moved to Dallas as soon as possible. After a discovery period, I moved to the Kessler Park neighborhood in the early 70s and continue to reside there today.

My original professional career was as an engineer. I received degrees from both Rice University and SMU. I spent 30+ years in the aerospace business and retired in the early 90s from Northrop Grumman Corp. After a brief transition, I discovered I had more time on my hands than I could deal with. My hobbies of Corvettes, backpacking and running (many Turkey Trots, no marathons) were not quite sufficient. My family in Houston had done some residential development, so it seemed natural to drift toward residential real estate.

The engineering background took care of the details of the transactions while exposure to wonderful homes enhanced the enthusiasm for my new vocation. The bringing together of the client with the right location, the appropriate price and desired amenities proved to be a shared experience that is especially satisfying. Now I'm fully immersed at David Griffin & Company in the full spectrum of real estate sales.

My experiences have ranged through all the architectural styles located principally from Dallas' close-in suburbs to the urban settings of Uptown Dallas. The challenges with every transaction represent a new opportunity to practice a discipline from my engineering days - "The objective for every project is to deliver a completely satisfactory product with NO SURPRISES!" Every transaction is a new project.

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