Tom Brown

Words of experience from three of Tom's recent clients:

"Tom made everything very easy for us."

"Tom Brown always went the extra step and stayed in touch even after the sale was complete. He gave us all the people to contact and made many of the calls for us. He took a special interest. He made an inspection of the property two hours before closing to make sure everything was in order."

"Tom was really good at providing us with data that helped us make informed decisions during the selling and buying process. We were very pleased with the level of support we received."

Filter out the clutter of the transaction, and the right house will speak to you. Even before he became a successful Realtor, Tom Brown learned the wisdom of these words as he bought and sold his way through a number of corporate relocations while working for Procter & Gamble. Add the purchase of multiple investment properties, and Tom has taken his own money to or from closings 28 times. He knows how it feels.

During their three decades in Dallas, Tom and his wife, Julie, have kept moving closer to downtown: from Prestonwood to Forest/Hillcrest, and now Knox Park, where they own a John Mullen-designed townhome. As an avid student of market trends, Tom knows that changing economics and demographics are making in-town neighborhoods hot properties. People are looking to exchange long commutes and cookie-cutter subdivisions for the amenities, convenience, and rich lifestyle opportunities of close-in neighborhoods.

Tom's clients praise his "sixth sense" for matching homes with buyers.

Another word that often comes up is "trust." Tom believes it's the foundation of any successful client relationship. He is frequently asked "What do you think my house is worth?" His answer is always based on accurate, up-to- date market data. Real property is worth what a motivated buyer is willing to pay, and you can trust Tom to set reasonable expectations for both sellers and buyers.

Tom is a graduate of Rice University. He has been active in the Dallas community for amost 40 years, serving on HOA and non-profit boards as well as the school board of Christ the King School. He is an active Katy Trail volunteer. Tom and Julie have a daughter, Erin, an anesthesiologist, and son, Brendan, an engineer. Both live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest-Portland, Oregon.

The family loves to travel. Tom has visited all 50 states on business, or for fun.


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